Thursday, July 31, 2008

Latest Ramblings on The L Word

Ok, I just want to complain about the series The L Word as it is wrapping up their show this next, only half a season in January. We have had some great get togethers for dinner and the show this past year with friends in our community here. And although the get-togethers will continue on, I will miss the complaining about "Jenny" and what a witch she is, even though she is pretty in an odd kind-of way.

A reader wrote into Curve Magazine complaining about how the writers give so much attention to The L Word show and they should write more about "real" lesbians in our communitites. Hmmm, I do not think our "real" dyke-a-drama is much different, EXCEPT, we make less money and do not look quite as "picture pretty". (all the make-up) And, as another reader wrote, they would like Curve to be like the 'lesbian cosmopolitan magazine'. I must say it is more like People with all the latest photo's of celeb's at the latest "Gay Gala's".

Island Dyke

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