Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guam, LA and Tinian rule Pride 2008

Revelers from Guam, Los Angeles and Tinian ruled the second annual CNMI LGBT Pride Dance Party last Wednesday at the premier party hub as they were voted to be the best dressed participant during the event.

Mike and Denny flew to Saipan from Guam and LA just to attend the Pride Party here on Saipan. The couple dressed as the Truth or Dare Madonna said the recently held party was the best Pride Party they have ever attended in a small town. “We had so much fun!” said the winning couple.

Another pair from Tinian, Chris and Jeff, also dressed up as Madonna’s Angels in her Erotica album in the 90’s. Saipan’s Linda Cullen won third place with her Vogue Madonna outfit. Despite the absence of some Saipan participants, five participants didn’t fail to show their best Madonna outfits and impersonation. Trends Salon’s Sunshine bested six other participants in the Madonna Lip Synch Contest. ASKS’ Sharmaine ranked second while Jaz of Trends Salon came in third.

For Saipan Grand Hotel’s Club V, Wednesday night was the best Wednesday night as another year of celebrating the Pride in the CNMI was once again a success. Over 150 partygoers made the slow Wednesday a night of dancing and revelry. The CNMI once again joined the rest of the nation in celebrating the pride.

This year's revelry celebrated the release of Madonna's newest album Hard Candy. The party gave away several raffle prizes including Madonna’s brand new album. Proceeds of the event went to Napu Life Foundation, a group that advocates HIV and AIDS awareness in the CNMI. Napu Life Foundation president Joaquin Sablan provided a brief speech about the group and its objectives for the year.DJ Tattinouk served as the guest disc jockey while Club V in-house band Remyx provided curtain music.

Non-profit groups Napu Life Foundation and RaveSaipan organized the event this year, in collaboration with Saipan Grand Hotel. Major sponsors were Traders Insurance, Carlsberg, Excel Insurance, Esolutions, Vargas Constructions, Cielo Jewelry, Genoveva's Hair Power, Labtech, Sun Palace Hotel, SaipanCell, Salon De Manila, and Wear-a-Marconi. (PR)
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