Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finding It Hard To Find Something To Talk About Thats Gay

Well, I have abondoned this blog for sometime as I hit a wall. Trying to find something to talk about that is GLBT has been almost impossible, especially as there are so many other things that seem soooooooo much more pressing, such as CUC power-outages and the other negative things going on lately in Saipan.

I have found myself, in iddle time, spending energy studying green options. In the July/August edition of Curve there was an article about a lesbian that bought an diesel Volvo with a veg oil system installed. With this vehicle she could run either diesel fuel or veggie oil. She named her car "Rudy" and it displayed the " decal stickers" from the conversion kit intalled on the car. She shares about the experience of how it took some time to become an expert in oil pouring and how "sticky" the process was at times. She is now on her second greasecar, a Benz she named Esmerelda. (Siegal, 2008)

To me it seems there is a little more involved in owning such a car than the norm, however, the pay-offs may be well worth it financially and saving the environment to boot. The only extra added skills needed is pouring oil with minimal spilling and finding an oil resource. The jury is still not out for me though as the air-compression cars are hitting the U.S. next year.

Island Dyke


Siegal, E. (2008) Spreading the Gospel of Grease. Curve, Vol. 18, No. 6, pp. 77.

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