Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lesbian? Gay?

I was reading my monthly Curve magazine and there was talk of a quiz on the net. I couldn't find the one I was looking for however, I found three on "how much of a lesbian are you" [check it out] and there were a ton of "how gay are you" [check it out]. If I only had more time to just surf!! I'm just killing time relaxing my brain cells as I am trying to go to sleep.

Cheers, hope all of you are having an awesome spring break.

Island Dyke

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Grand Amazing Showgirls

Finally, a chance to relax and enjoy a truffle, and I'm not talking about some ascomycetous fungi. I'm talking about the sinfully, delightful, soft chocolate ball lightly dusted with cocoa and layered in dark chocolate from Expressions and almost better than sex! (not quite) Oh, and let's not forget a nice cold margarita on the rocks. Ok, you must have guessed it, the work week is over and the kids are asleep. Here I am pulling up my photos of last weeks EVENT!

I and my lovely honey, Ms. Lori Serna, had the wonderful opportunity and pleasure to be two of the judges in the Grand Amazing Showgirls Lip Sync Competition. The evening’s events happened to fall on my lovely’s birthday and we enjoyed celebrating a night out watching a talented group of diva’s perform till nearly the stroke of mid-night.

Here is Angel, the Grand Champion and winner of the Best in Production Number trophy. Her final performance entailed ripping through a creative backdrop and somersaulting across the stage to pick up a rope and whipping the air as she danced across the stage to the thrill of the audience.

Monique was the third runner up, winner of PTI's Diva Star Grand Champion award for the most text votes, something like over 50,000 texts I seem to remember. She also won the Most Amazing Gown award. (Check the red gown out below, it knocks your socks off!)

The five finalists, we wish they all were grand prize winners as they all were winners. From the left we have Patricia, Lyka, Monique, Sharmaine, and Angel.

Here is Venus, the winner of Most Amazing Beauty. She is more than a beauty as she really out-performed in her dance routine. We hope to see more!

Here is Angel, in her first performance, showing us her creativity in design and also her winning stage presence as she captivated the audience with her smiles.

Here is Angel giving us another grand gesture as she danced down the stairs. Despite her gown slipping down to expose her nipples Angel instinctually incorporated a humorous re-adjusting that also proved her true ability to perform.

Several of the evenings judges posing with the MC's (Brad, Adam, Marconi, Jari, and Happy).

The MC's for the evening, Marconi and Happy (hugging up on the hunk Jari), made the evening a funny and delightful event. I was only yawning because it truely was past my bed-time and I had gotten up at 5:30 a.m. that morning.

THE most incredible gown!

Here is Lyka, the fourth runner up and winner of the Most Amazing Make-up and Miss Funny Valentine, showing one of her fabulous Las Vegas Showgirl style costumes.

Here is Patricia, second runner up and I'm not sure if I should mention the most incredible buns (what gym does she work out at?), performing her first solo stage performance. Was her hat decorated with broken glass? Another talented costume design.

The birthday girl, Lori, surrounded by diva's from the recent past and performing for the audiences pleasure.
Here is Sharmaine, the first runner up, who captivated the audience with her outstanding stage presence and performance. The croud went wild when she stood on that chair and placed her foot on the top of the chair back. Sharmaine had a dynamic stage connection with the audience.

Here is Venus showing her dance talent as she went from a slow song to taking off her gown and pop dancing across the floor.

Here is Jackielyn Bernabe, winner of Most Amazing Impersonator and Most Amazing Dancer. We hope to see more of Jackielyn's dance performance as she truely was captivating.

Here is Tammy, a true winner in our hearts, as she shined with an incredible stage performance.
There should have been an award for Most Amazing Hair all by its self!

Island Dyke