Friday, March 18, 2011

It's not a phase

Go check out this blog...."It's Not a Phase"
I love the name!
I have it on the GLBT link

Guam on Facebook

Hey, I found Guam GLBT on facebook. Go check them out, being all out and proud! Go Guam!
I'm their friend.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Internet Dating

I had some funny thoughts this week when swimming my laps at the pool. I was thinking about the Internet dating site I have looked at infrequently the past year plus a few months since being separated.

FUNNY THOUGHT # 1 : Are all these women that say "Looking for a Long Term Relationship" really for certain? OK, I was just wondering how many of them have had less than three LTR's. Which then brings up the definition of what a "LTR" is. Is it a relationship that makes it past three years? So what is the timeline to make it as a LTR? Next, does one have a marriage ceremony to be considered a LTR, or just a live in situation like the island style "common law" marriage suffices? And lastly, how many LTR's can one have in a life time? My Grandmother, rest her soul, married like 16 times I think....go Grandma!!

FUNNY THOUGHT #2: Are all these women that say "Just Looking for Now" looking for a date or what? It reminds me of this lesbian comedian that told this joke about the typical "cool" lesbian hanging at the dyke bar with her leg crossed over the other leg and it balancing on her tip toes, her hands shoved into her pockets, and staring at all the chicks on the dance floor.....FROZEN. Get over it lesbo, this is a SEX bar, go ask a girl to dance, and please make it a dirty dance! LOL Which then reminds me what is the deal with people freaking out when people dirty dance? It is still just a dance, NOT SEX! Get over it! LOL

OK, I had other funny thoughts, however another day.