Thursday, July 31, 2008

Island GLBT Reading Resources

I finally took 15 minutes for myself to read the May issue of Curve. I am a little behind in my leisure reading from all the other activities in my life. However, even if I had all the time in the world, Curve is mailed out in "bulk mail" which means I get the issues after the fact due to it coming on a slow boat rather than "first class" airplane mail. This equates into reading advertising for past events, which leaves one feeling they 'really' missed out on the events even if it is in one's fantasy. And forget about reading the already passed horoscope of the month, unless it is just for kicks to see how well you did.

We have in the past, although that is limited and not available all the time, been able to purchase Curve at Saipan's Bestseller. I have found the resources for GLBT to be slim to nothing and one day I was discussing with Lori.... "Thank goodness for the internet", because I do not think we would still be here on this island if it weren't for the internet!

Island Dyke

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