Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sad Day in The Golden State

Well, here I am on vacation in California for two weeks. We came for the 20th and last Patty & Dawn's LINC Memorial Day Party, however, the festival will go on in our memories. LINC is "Lesbians in North County" and is a support group in San Diego's North County region. They meet once a week on a Friday evening to get together and socialize with, shhhhhhhhhhh, other lesbians. This where Lori and I met for the first time (that's another story). The last Memorial Day Party we were at was 10 years ago in 1999. And perhaps I will write more about this event at a later day, however, all of this introduction was to lead me into talking about the outcome of today's verdict from the Supreme Court on Proposition 8 in California. As you can tell from my blog, I have not been keeping up with the "gay marriage" issues in the Mainland as of lately due to my never ending late night studies. So here I am in California and I was not aware that today was the verdict on Prop 8, until I heard about it yesterday at the Memorial Day Party (see I am finally getting to the connection to my opening).

Today at 10 a.m. west coast time, a 6 - 1 vote upheld Prop 8's "marriage is between a man and a woman" as constitutional, however the marriages during the time of the overturn of Prop 8 will remain valid. Another aspect that changed with today's ruling is that same-sexed couples with a legal marriage license from elsewhere will not be legal in California as of today.

Hmmmm, this is starting to sound a little bit like the "highly qualified teacher" status. One day you are not a highly qualified teacher, you take and pass the Praxis, and just-like-that the next day you are a highly qualified teacher. One day a straight individual is single, they get married and get a marriage license, and just-like-that they are able to apply for a sh_t-load of federal benefits while the unqualified gays can not. WTF, seriously folks.

Island Dyke

Friday, May 1, 2009

Another State? Looking promising!

365 Gay: News is reporting the Senate in the State of Maine is giving a thumbs up on a law that allows gay marriage by a 21-14 vote. http://www.365gay.com/news/marriage-equality-bill-passes-maine-senate/

If Maine passes a gay marriage law it will be the fourth of the six New England States allowing gay marriage. What-up west coast, what-up California?!!! My thoughts of how the west is so open to people doing their own thing and looking for spiritual growth etc. really has surprised me what these east coasters are doing. Go New England!

Island Dyke