Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What was I thinking about this morning?


Oh yah, I remember now. Yesterday I had a written chat with an old friend from high-school, we found each other on facebook. I noticed this friend was a friend of the group "SDA's against prop 8". ("SDA" refers to the Seventh-day Adventist religious group) Some time ago before Prop 8 was passed another friend had sent me this groups advertisement. Of course I had my own opinions about how the advertisement failed to present themselves as non-judgemental towards gays and lesbians, however, none the least they were wanting equality for all. I succumbed, my ever hopeful side, to that perhaps it is at least a first step for that group.

So, as I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking about this Saipan community and wondering what religious groups are there that openly embrace their GLBT brothers and sisters. Religion, to me, seems to be ingrained into society here. From taking a CNMI history class through the NMI Council for the Humanities I learned that the ancient society fought off the induction of Catholicism into their way of life in the Chamorro Wars of 1669-1695. Sadly, they failed in their efforts and the Catholic influence changed the society here, which is reflected in the predominance of the Christian denominations on island today.

more to come....
Island Dyke

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The GLBT Community here in Saipan: A few thoughts...

I have been thinking about the idea of the GLBT community here in Saipan for a week or so...in my spare time. There are several reasons I have been mulling the thoughts in my mind.

First, two of our really good friends are leaving Saipan to move to San Francisco. We are very happy and excited for their new life, however, we will miss them dearly. So our circle of GLBT friends is getting smaller.

Second, I met a new friend recently and they asked where the GLBT community is as they had read my blog. I suppose to them it seemed confusing as there is this blog that has posted several GLBT events and then the discussions I have on the blog (the openess, being out of the closet) and yet where is the GLBT community?

And thirdly, I have been reading some e-mails from the GLBT community in San Diego, LINC (Lesbians in North County), that we use to be involved with when we lived there eight years ago, and I have been missing their support and friendship.

So is there a GLBT community here? Yes, is my first thought, however, the community is divided into various groups. No, my second thought, since our dear friend Marconi (pictured) is leaving. Marconi has been a major spearhead in creating and making the first and second PRIDE event that was held at a public venue. I add "public venue" as some years ago some of our friends had a PRIDE party at their house and they had placed a add in the paper that read something to the lines of "Dorthy's friends...etc. invited to PRIDE party" to which eight people showed up to.

THESE are ?'s I have for ALL: Can we keep what little we have, openly public GLBT events, alive and going with our beloved leader leaving us? How can we create a stronger, more unified, GLBT community here is Saipan? Can be build bridge between the various GLBT groups here in Saipan? How can we support each other?

Thank you Marconi for all you have done for the GLBT community here in Saipan! You will be missed dearly!

Island Dyke

Thursday, January 1, 2009