Friday, June 27, 2008

Gay Pride in Guam: TOUCHE'

Ok guys and gals, Mike from Guam gave me the word. Gay Pride in Guam this Saturday, June 28, 2008, at Club Euphoria, starting at 9 pm til almost the break of dawn. Sorry for such short notice.

EUPHORIA... Located @ Crown Intl. Plaza Iso N.Marine DriveParty Reservations or Advance Tickets AvailableCall: 671.646.7786 Email:

I googled our neighbor islands gay bar and found they have a "My Space" site. So direct from their site here is the history of "Touche'":

"For those unfamiliar with Touche'... ... It all started 10 years ago as a social club event for Guam's gay & lesbian community & their friends. It was a very successful gay pride club/dance party that occurred every last Saturday of the month from 1998 thru 2003. It was held at different venues throughout the Island, namely: G-Spot Ballroom, Planet Hollywood, Buddies, Denial, Reef Hotel Ballroom, Carmen's Cha Cha Cha, Mad Cow, Midnight Special, Kool World, to name a few. It was well anticipated & well attended by everyone - both young and old, gay, lesbian and straight. Part of the event usually included a drag show and a costume contest... This will be the last Touche'!!! " Reference link:

We are so excited for our neighbors! Wish we could all be there.

Photo's from our Pride coming soon!

Island Dyke


Anonymous said...

Thinking about teaching at a Northern Marianas College. I am a 37 year old femme/sporty lesbian. What kind of social climate (prejudices, etc.) will I most likely encounter? Is there gay life or gay community? - Tyger

Island Dyke said...

Hi Tyger,

I find the social climate to be very accepting if you are not a local. I have been here 8 years and feel very accepted as an out lesbian. I don't go around waving a banner, I just live my life openly though. My S.O. and I have chose to start and raise a family here because family values are real and supported by the community at large.

There are several small gay social groups, some open and others not. The local groups tend to be closeted.

Most straight people here tend to think there aren't any gay issues any longer...LOL, little do they know!

The island is beautiful, there is a large athletic group with lots of sports and traveling to be done.

island dyke

Jed said...

Hi there. I'm about to take a trip to Guam at the end of May. Lesbian and proud, do you have any places you could suggest that I could/should check out when I'm there? Any bars/clubs/restuarants of interest? I tried googling as much as I can about the nightlife, family friendly places, but couldnt find too much. Any insight and feedback would be appreciated.

Island Dyke said...

Club Denial is a gay bar, however in a recent post a reviewer said it was a mixed crowd, however the macho crowd is not part of that scene.

Carmen's Cha Cha Cha is a mexican eatiery down south owned by, as I have been told, a lesbian. The food is outstanding:

The other gay club I know of is: Euphoria :

have fun

Jed said...

Thanks so much! I appreciate it!