Friday, June 13, 2008

CNMI's 2008 Gay Pride: Hard Candy

Ok, if you are having difficulty reading: The PLACE: Club V in the Saipan Grand Hotel
The DAY: Wednesday, JUNE 25, 2008
The TIME: 9 pm to 2 am
THEME: Madonna night, celebrating "Hard Candy"

6 comments: said...

oh..i didn't know the poster was done now? um, any news on when are we gonna start spreading the word about it? and um, mind if i post this on my blog as well?

Island Dyke said...

Spread the word NOW !! it's all about the planning and it is just around the corner....yes please post on your blog...Thanks

Middle Road said...

the poster is done finally and i am doing the rounds tomorrow to spread them...

anyone want one let me know

Saipan Middle Road

Tania said...

I am most happy we get to post.



Anonymous said...

I'm soon to be moving to the island.Where are the best places to meet guys for dates. ANy gay bars or clubs?

Island Dyke said...

Troy's on middle road is a male strip club known to have gay men go to and possibly run by gay men (seemed that way to me) despite the attraction for staight women. I think you will find a mixture of gays in all the clubs though and garapan has lots of bars: The Flair, Godfathers, Johnny's, Oceans,Orchids, and many more.
Guys also go to Gold's Gym in Garapan off of middle road by Surgar King Park. Welcome to Saipan!