Monday, May 26, 2008

Club Denial (The gay bar in Guam)

Ok, we finally got enough courage to venture off island without our children. It had been four years since our last shopping spree to Guam. We had went for Labor Day sales celebration when Lori was pregnant with Grace. We were in hog heaven nesting up cute baby clothes for the new little one on the way. Well, four years later I was catching up on restocking up on my work and play clothes. Most of my shorts have holes and stains from the years of wear and I was even walking on shoes with holes in the soles and picking up rocks as I walked along. We were delighted to find 50% off sales plus an additional 20% for opening a Macy's charge card.

We went on the late evening flight on saturday and came back monday morning early. It would have been alright, the early flight, except we were both sicker than dogs and it took every ounce within us to make it home. The good news though was that we just started coming down with this viral bug AFTER our shopping spree.

We stayed with our good friend who just moved to Guam and we had promised to take her out and hook her up in the gay dating scene. (she's shy) We went to dinner first at Ruby Tuesdays. Have you had their crab cakes? OMG they are to die for or should I say their sauce is to die for! Our waitress turned out to be the girlfriend of one of our good friends boyfriends Coast Guard coworkers. What a small world!

We were full and ready to hit the gay bar called Club Denial. We drive up and there was a big chain and padlock! Yikes, say what? It is sunday night and tomorrow is a holdiay, Memorial Day. Who ever heard of a bar being closed up on a holiday when everyone is usually out partying. We had heard so much about how the bars in Guam stay open until 4 am. and we find chain and padlocked door. Hmmm ...Well, we improvised and went down to TGIF, to which we find they are trying to close at 12:00. The bar tender tells us of a bar down the road called Bully's. After much manuevering it was a miss as well. So much for Club Denial. We will have to check them out the next time we are in Guam.

Island Dyke


Kim said...

hi there.
i've been searching for the address of club denial everywhere!
i can't find it.
Is it far from the Hotel area in Tumon?

Island Dyke said...

Hi Kim,
Club Denial is on the main road down in you are going south away from the TGIF and DFS shopping area, there is a small shopping center on the left side of road and it is in there...if you get down to G-spot on the right you have gone too far! Hope you find them open LOL

Alan said...

Actually...Club Denial is directly across from G-Spot. The building Denial is located is called Fountain Plaza Building. There is a Circle K store, Yellow Cab Pizza and Coffee Beanery in the same building complex.
Hope this helps you!

Stealthy ... said...

My lady and I finally found Denial last night. We were leaving Tumon and decided to quickly stop around midnight to check it out. Our plan was to spend 10 minutes there to get the vibe/temperature of Denial as my lady is always looking for playmates. St Patty's day is coming this week and how fun would it be to hang at Denial on St Patty's Day AND it being their Amateur night (every Wednesday). The folks at the door were pleasant and told us it was a $5.00 cover. I explained that we only wanted to stay for 10 minutes and were only there to check it out (first time there) because we had to get back to get my girls kids from babysitter. We were allowed to pass after I promised to stay only 10 minutes. We sat on the comfy furniture in the middle of Denial and were absolutely there for THREE minutes when the bouncer came over and aggressively, chested up to me and asked why we didn't pay our cover charge? I explained to him the same thing I told the folks at door and he had none of it. When I finally told him that I was not paying $10 for 10 minutes to check out a club his reply was, "Then that's your choice, LEAVE." So we left and won't return. What a sad place that is so concerned about $10 that will run off two professional folks who have MUCH money and friends to bring back. Will we go back ........... NO. Tons of thanks to the tough guy bouncer. Hilarious how the person who probably makes the least amount of money from Denial is the one running the money away. The owner/manager might want to adjust this "business model." Last, it was midnight on a Saturday night and in the three minutes we were allowed to stay this my review. Industrial interior, nice furniture, there were maybe 50 locals and 6 caucasians (including ourselves), there was about a 30-70 ratio of guys/girls respectively (bouncer won't know what that means), and there was a guy rapping/karaoke on the dance floor who really, really sucked at singing. One last time, we won't be going back.