Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lesbo Connections in Saipan

The resources of lesbian networking in Saipan are limited. And although I love hanging out with my gay and straight friends I do need my intermittent fix of lesbian socializing. When we lived in San Diego we had our connection. It was a group of lesbians and bisexual women that met once a week for a social connection, we were called LINC (Lesbians in North County). Lately there has been a few new coming outs along with making some new connections which has helped improve our Saipan lesbian socializing. I wonder though how other lesbians on Saipan are fairing. Is there some other secret group that gathers?

Katie Peoples (2007, pp. 54) in Curve gives 10 recommended sites for lesbian social networking. These include: OurChart, MySpace, Linkedin, Imeem, GLEE, Olivia, Flickr, Facebook, Bebo, and FabFemme. She further states that "a recent Harris Interactive/Witeck-Combs survey showed that queer women use social networking sites much more than straight gals". Well if you live on a small island where the odds are severely limited I can definitely see why lesbians would be surfing these sites.


Peoples, Katie (2007). Networking Lesbians Three women find the MySpace connection. Curve The best-selling lesbian magazine, Vol. 17, No. 10.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Come over to Porky's where I head the lesbian network. (:-))

Nice to see you two at lunch the other day. I hope you bring the kids to the beach playground so they can play with Alexander and we can talk.


Island Dyke said...

Ok, when you get the L-word on big screen I will get you at least a handful of screaming lesbo's drooling over their favorite character.

Good seeing you also, we saw you snorkeling from the infinity pool!


Elizabeth said...

Hey there, my partner and I may be coming to the island on a travelling nurse stint sometime in the next year....just checking on the LGBT situation there...looks like there are a few of us anyhow! Could you email me at so I could ask you some questions about lesbo life there? I'd appreciate it! Thanks!