Thursday, January 31, 2008

More on Gaydar

My friend the Rev sent me a link to an article on gaydar. Kaplan (2008) reports on a study done out of Tufts University in which they showed men and women faces of gay and straight men at various timed intervals between 33 milliseconds to 10 seconds. The result found that at a timed interval of 100 milliseconds the participants were correct 70% of the time. More time did not improve the identification correctly.

I am curious if I go back and take the gaydar test I posted previously and make an instant choice if I will improve my score. Here is the link if any one wants to try again.

Ok I went and tried it out and I "suck". (50%) I tried answering instantly and see what I got, I did better taking my time and studying the photos as I had got an 80% then.

What do you think about the validity to such a study or what it's implications could mean?

Island Dyke


Kaplan, Matt (2008) An Eye for Sexual Orientation. ScienceNOW Daily News. Retrieved on February 1, 2008 from


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