Tuesday, September 4, 2007

OK, Let Talk About Larry Craig

So, there I was this morning replying to a comment, a second reply, about why am I not posting something about Larry Craig. Later, as I was driving the island to work, I started asking myself why I was not interested in talking about Larry and his recent run-in with the law. Thinking about it some I came to the realization that it had pushed a button of mine. I am learning that when my buttons get pushed I either (a) get defensive or (b) turn the subject around back onto the other person. SHHH don't tell Lori, my S.O., that I am admitting to this! At any rate, I would like to apologize to blogger pictytaz and anonymous for turning my reply back. You make an excellent recommendation to talk about Larry Craig.

So, an hour later after thinking about writing this blog after my above realizations, I picked up the Saipan Tribune September 5, 2007 edition, and saw in bold print "A prayer for Larry Craig" written by former Governor of New Jersey, James E. McGreevey. If you have not read this article, please do. It is a short, heart felt, coming out story of Governor McGreevey. I applaud the Saipan Tribune for printing this article.

So back to that button of mine that was pushed, the one that I didn't come out until I was 27 y/o. I was raised in an ultra religious family environment and it was understood from day one that being "gay" was a sin, not natural, and not talked about period. I'm not a famous movie star or political figure that needs to hide in fear of hurting a career, at age 27 I finally found that honest person I could trust talking about who I am. I finally was set free and at that point it was one of the easiest things I've done, coming out of the closet. But I still think back about how come I didn't do it sooner? What prevented me? There were several times I ventured a bit, however, quickly retreated in fear.
So, let's talk about Larry Craig. Has he been an 'in the closet' gay man all this time? Well I found two web-sites written by Michael Rogers. The first site is named blogActive.com and has been touted by Yahoo News as "He's starting to make Capital Hill look like Brokeback Mountain". (Rogers, 2007) His second site named "Proud of Who we are" is his other site dedicated to holding government officials accountable for hiding their truth. (PROUDOFWHOWEARE, 5th) Check out those sites and let's talk.
Island Dyke
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The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I know you talked about it in a previous post, but seriously, why do so many gay bashers turn out to be gay?

rev said...

luv this post. miss ya ex-neighbors!

Island Dyke said...

you can thank blogger pictytaz...whom I hope forgave me

Miss you too shmookums...:0(

The Writers said...

why does sblogger hating bashers now? firsthand exp perhaps? ;-)