Monday, September 3, 2007

Not So Long Ago on a Close by Island.....

Two hundred nautical meters east of the Great Barrier Reef is the location of the Coral Sea Islands AND the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom. Yes you heard it right, there is an island, Cato Island, that has declared independence from Commonwealth of Australia and naming the island Gay Kingdom of the Coral Sea.

The Emperor is Dale Parker Anderson, the 19 x great grandson of King Edward II of England and Queen Isabella of France via their son King Edward III. On September 13, 2004 the Gay Kingdom declared its self an independent country. This came about as a self determination due to Australia's government deciding to amend the marriage act so as to prevent homosexual couple who were married overseas to have their marriages recognized. Under the "Unjust Enrichment" law, this states: "If something is unjustly taken, compensation must be made". (HISTORY, 3rd)

On June 14, 2004 the rainbow pride flag was formally raised and declared the territory as an independent gay and lesbian state. A historical plaque on the north east of the island reads:
"On the 14th day of June 2004, at this highest point in the Coral Sea, Emperor Dale Parker Anderson raised the gay rainbow flag and claimed the islands of the Coral Sea in his name as homeland for the gay and lesbian peoples of the world. God Save our King!" (HISTORY, 3rd)

Wow, what formal declarations, I love it!

Island Dyke


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