Monday, September 17, 2007


Wikipedia describes gaydar as "the intuitive ability to determine whether another person is gay or not". They go on to describe gaydar as a sense or intuition. It can also rely on an individual's sense to mannerisms that are associated with being gay. (WIKI, 18th)

You can take the test to see how well your gaydar is. This was very difficult for me as with looking at pictures it is difficult to get a sense of who a person is. I really didn't do that well as I scored a 60%. Check it out and see how well you do.

Have fun.

Island Dyke


WIKI 18th WWW GAYDAR Retrieved on September 18, 2007 from


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I got a 45%...and I'm better at recognizing gay females than gay males.

Island Dyke said...

I must not have scrolled down as I didn't see the score tell me if I was better at recognizing the women or the I took it again....this time the pics were easier I felt...I scored 80% and I was better at recognizing the gay men...I only saw one repeat pic from when I took the test yesterday...of course one of the pics had a button on their shirt that said "gay rights" (that could have helped my score)LOL

bradinthesand said...

i scored an 80% and i was better at picking the gay women.

"You personally got 16 of the 20 people correct and were better at recognizing girls than guys. Overall, you guessed better than 87% of all test takers."

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Sadly I recognized only 40% "I would have been better off guessing" (I thought that was what I did). You scored better than 2% of all test takers.

I'm opening up PORKY'S to a beauty contest then I'm going to watch more closely.

Seriously, I thought the girl cutting my hair was a girl. I was even looking at her butt in the mirror. My wife clued me dummy that's a guy. Not sure that makes him/her gay, maybe he just wants to dress unconventionally.

What say Island Dyke? In your opinion is there a correlation between a propensity to cross dress and a procilvity toward same sex sex?

Hope to see you at Porky's, you play a mean game of darts.

Island Dyke said...

Hey Bruce, hope to come in soon for darts....we had fun, just short....we need to find a baby-sitter that enjoys staying up late hours!

Ok my opinion on the cross-dressing, if it is only underware or secretely wearing the clothing at home where nobody sees them(lots of hetero-guys love to do this, so I've been told, especially European gentlemen)....however if it is the entire outfit out and about for all to see and enjoy, I'm going to say predominantly it's a gay thing for the gay femme, not too many butches do cross-dressing (we are talking about men here)

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for the response. Thanks also for coming to Porky's for a good time. If you want to come over earlier, we often have Alexander over there in the late afternoon. We keep it clean enough for kids to play on the floor (and on the pool table and on top of the bar etc.) and we keep a nice box of toys around to keep them occupied (sort of). That might save a babysitting fee.

There is also the beach right outside the door so bring her a bathing suit too.

Island Dyke said...

Do you have him there usually on a sunday late afternoon? we like to do family nite on sunday and go out to park and eat

Bruce A. Bateman said...

We are often closed on Sunday. If there is an event or some folks want to come by we will open. Example there was a big party for a 7 year old last Sunday...must have been over a 100 guests.

Most Sundays we close and that gives Olive and I a chance to be together with Alex and go overeat at a Sunday Brunch and hang at the beach or whatever.

Saturday evening, Alexander was there until 9pm (WAY later than normal). Hell, it was later than I usually stay up. (:-))

So if you would like to come over and bring your daughter, feel free to do so, but please call first if it is to be on a Sunday.

We would love to see you all again.


rev said...

i got 60% only with comments that i got the men correctly and i need to beef up my g-dar with women...arghh. i need to be with lesbians more often. can't tell at all. but with men, hello, perfect score...i know that this man (clears throat) is on the other side too...;-)