Friday, May 1, 2009

Another State? Looking promising!

365 Gay: News is reporting the Senate in the State of Maine is giving a thumbs up on a law that allows gay marriage by a 21-14 vote.

If Maine passes a gay marriage law it will be the fourth of the six New England States allowing gay marriage. What-up west coast, what-up California?!!! My thoughts of how the west is so open to people doing their own thing and looking for spiritual growth etc. really has surprised me what these east coasters are doing. Go New England!

Island Dyke

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Rob said...

As a relatively new Mainer (formerly of Guam, which is why I stumbled onto your blog), I think it's the whole live and let live mentality of New England, as well as the fact that Maine is pretty thinly populated; as on the Marianas, people just have to deal with you because you're there and everybody's related to everybody, so if you're out, folks just have to deal with you. For whatever reason, we now have lg marriage, though of course it's being challenged and it will go to referendum. Maine's state motto is "Dirigo" -- "I lead." Exactly!