Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birthday Dyke

It was my birthday last weekend. My birthday morning started out nice with breakfast in bed. My family cooked me pancakes, wrote "happy b-day" in jam, and placed a candle in the middle. I was then serenaded the birthday song in English and Spanish. We all went on the junior hikers hike at the Laderan Tangke Trail that morning. Then late afternoon I met my friends and we went to Managaha to go camping for the night. My honey volunteered to watch the kids and encouraged me to go have a great time. (She rocks) There was eight of us camping, 5 lesbians & 3 straight chicks. We had some awesome poke! The best part was staying up late doing 'girl talk'. We talked about everything from sex to God. I had a fabulous Birthday!

My birthday signs from my honey!

My birthday feet hanging outside the tent camping at Managaha!

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rev said...

awww. that was just sooo sweeeet!

belated happy bday hun!