Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Marketing Saipan to Gay and Lesbian Travelers

According to the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau, consumers nationwide online travel behaviors studies have shown that 79% of gays and lesbians will book their vacation hotel rooms online compared to 54% of straights booking online. The study also revealed that 71% of gay/lesbian travelers top choice for picking a vacation spot is the price compared to 64% of straights having that as their top choice. Additionally, 22% of gay/lesbian travelers say one of the most important factors to picking a vacation location is if they feel they will received "fair treatment of guests like me". (MEDIA, 5th)

So if close to 80% of gay/lesbian travelers will book their vacation online, what would it cost to market these vacation packages online? The second part of the topic is if you think Saipan will show fair treatment to gay/lesbian guests. In one of my first blogs I wrote about a gay travel critic and his wonderful stay at Saipan's Pacific Island Club. Also I have shared how I feel excepted by most everyone living here. Saipan also currently has at least one gay club and has had others in the past and I recently had a blogger request information on gay bars in Saipan as they were planning to travel here.

So here it is all you energetic, business savy marketers, and computer geeks (ok, computer savy) people; can someone go strum up some business at the hotels and bring the GLBT tourists here! We want rainbow money here! ;0)

Island Dyke


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rev said...

this was Andy Tidwell's vision two years ago....