Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Activism in Saipan, Battling Gay Agenda?

So there I was last night surfing the net for interesting topics to discuss on this blog as the misses went to bed early as she was coming down with a bad cold. I stumbled across a Google search titled “Teens Battle Gay Agenda in Schools” and Saipan is listed. I followed the link to, a Christian News site. In an article the author states that the Alliance Defense Fund assists students to initiate a “Day of Truth” (DOT) event in their schools. The DOT event is to present their Christian views on homosexuality to counter the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN) “Day of Silence”. At the end of the article the author states “the Day of Truth is also working internationally against the homosexual agenda, as Tokyo, Saipan and the United Kingdom are now involved in this event.” (Haverluck, 2007)

Wow, is the first thought I had. Then in more depth I questioned is there actually any GLBT clubs in ANY of the schools in Saipan? I searched for more information to see how Saipan is connected with the DOT or Alliance Defense Fund and could not find any connections however, that does not mean there isn’t the connection they state.

In my search I did find the “Family Research Council” site. They declare they are “Defending Family, Faith, and Freedom”. Hmmmm. I thought freedom is the ability to be whom one is. I really do not see how the GLBT community is asking heterosexuals to become like us, as if that could be truly possible. I do hear the GLBT community asking for EQUAL RIGHTS, which again brings up the word ‘freedom’! The scary thing is that on this site they list eight resources to assist preventing homosexual activism in your school. (No author listed, 2007)

To my bloggers who do not think that there are GLBT issues "now days", go take a look at the link resources and see.

Island Dyke


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