Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Mariana Resort Hotel: A Lovely, GLBT Friendly, Place to Stay

Finally, I have had the most wonderful vacation, and I think the rest of my family probably agrees. In the past three years, since the birth of our first child, we have been senselessly pressured into mainland vacations. You know the, got to go see the grandparents and family. Well that can be nice and all, however, it is really not considered a vacation. It is more like a working-vacation, not to mention financially draining. Those of you that have children probably know what I am talking about. After last summer's mainland working-vacation we vowed ourselves to vacation in a 'vacation location'. We were thinking Hawaii, however after little contemplation we decided, why not Saipan! Yes, we do live in a beautiful 'vacation location', and Saipan definitely tipped the scales in favor as we did not have to take a long painful 'keep track of your children' airplane flight to some other location. However, it does get better; we also could leave the children home with Yaya when ever we pleased!

We chose the Mariana Resort Hotel mainly on location. It is located in the north end of the island near many beautiful tourist attractions and close to home. We had also stayed in the bungalows at the Mariana Resort before and enjoyed the Japanese style 'luxury townhouse', however, we decided to stay in the main hotel rooms this time and were very pleasantly surprised. The rooms have hardwood flooring and are very spacious. The above photo is a snapshot off our balcony and looking further to the left we had a full view of Managaha Island. The room included a complimentary breakfast, served from 7 am to 10 am that had enough variety to accommodate any appetite. We found the staff to be very friendly, helpful, and we felt right at home.

A pool-side view.

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