Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fundamental American Value

Ted Olson's interview with Chris Wallace on fox news is outstanding. In summary, marriage is a fundamental right of all Americans and prop 8 is unconstitutional. It is about time the federal government becomes involved because many rights of Americans are being taking away by calling marriage for gay people "same-sex marriage" and banning it. Marriage is marriage!


Island Dyke


Anonymous said...


True that! Is there any gay friendly spots here on island? Have yet to figure out "the vibe" when it comes to being family.


Island Dyke said...

For me, I have found the island people to be very gay-friendly. Most local gays are in the closet,there is a very small expat community, and a larger Phillipino glbt community that is out. I have not been in the dating scene here so I can not comment on that. Hope this helps a little.