Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What was I thinking about this morning?


Oh yah, I remember now. Yesterday I had a written chat with an old friend from high-school, we found each other on facebook. I noticed this friend was a friend of the group "SDA's against prop 8". ("SDA" refers to the Seventh-day Adventist religious group) Some time ago before Prop 8 was passed another friend had sent me this groups advertisement. Of course I had my own opinions about how the advertisement failed to present themselves as non-judgemental towards gays and lesbians, however, none the least they were wanting equality for all. I succumbed, my ever hopeful side, to that perhaps it is at least a first step for that group.

So, as I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking about this Saipan community and wondering what religious groups are there that openly embrace their GLBT brothers and sisters. Religion, to me, seems to be ingrained into society here. From taking a CNMI history class through the NMI Council for the Humanities I learned that the ancient society fought off the induction of Catholicism into their way of life in the Chamorro Wars of 1669-1695. Sadly, they failed in their efforts and the Catholic influence changed the society here, which is reflected in the predominance of the Christian denominations on island today.

more to come....
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