Friday, November 21, 2008

Marianas LGBT

A new LGBT social web-site group has started. Check it out at.....

Island Dyke


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm really interested in finding out if there's a LGBT/Queer group for the Marianas Islands. I'm a Chamorro from Guam, but I'm an undergrad (junior) at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I'm probably going to start a facebook/myspace for all of us to link up and talk about things if they don't already exist. LOOK US UP so we can find the way this site is pretty cool!
-Stacy Salas

Island Dyke said...

Hi Stacy,

Thank you for the comments. I would love to post your facebook group, that is a great idea. There is a LGBT group on Saipan, however somewhat divided.

The gay life is more underground for the Chamorro group. Because of cultural values adpoted from religion, in my opinion.

The Filipino GLBT is visible/open and active in openly gay events.

The small expat gays are mostly open and just living life, without waving rainbow flags.

We have several gay friends living in Guam. I do not have much knowledge about GLBT groups there other than what I have written about on this blog.

aka: island dyke on this site

Anonymous said...

Hi there i'm 17 i just graduated i'm from saipan and i was wondering if there were any LGBT clubs here on the island it's really lonely when you don't have friends who love differently like you do. You feel weird because they don't feel the same way.

Island Dyke said...

Hi '17',

I really do feel for you. When I was 17 I couldn't even admit I was gay because of growing up in the religous environment that says gays are sinners. I was 27 when I finally had the courage to come out.

Here is Saipan with the predominance of the Catholic church in the community, unfortunately there aren't any LGBT clubs. I have been told more than once that if any were to start that the church would make a big issue out of it right away.

I have spoken with one mother of pacific island decent that has two children that are gay and they live in the mainland because it is too difficult for them to live here.

If you read my post above I have discussed the difference how LGBT individuals get together for socializing, and there is a real divide amongst the pacific islanders and others largely (not completely).

The thing I have not discussed is the ages within these groups. For the most part these groups are of adult age, being over 21. This is where I really feel for you as you are at the young age of dating yet not old enough to go socialize in clubs. Another thing, are you out with your family? are they excepting? I really wish I could tell you YES there is a support group here for you, but there isn't. The best thing is to find friends based on how they except and love you for who you are! You can find this in, shhhh, even straight people. :o)

Please know that you are normal, not a sinner because you are gay, and God does love you!

Island Dyke