Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gay Lifestyle?

If I had a dollar for every time I hear gay lifestyle, I would be wealthy dyke! (As long as I didn't spend it all!)

HOWEVER, what is even more upsetting, oh did I mention this upsets me, anyway; it really upsets me when people say "lifestyle choice". Excuse me, like I would choose this?! Really, I am comfortable with who I am, but who really would choose to be considered not equal by society and be beaten and murdered for choosing to be gay? Please people, it is plain and simple: we are born this way, the only choice is if we live a lie.

"Lifestyle: This term is used to describe the way individuals lead their lives. For example, some people like living in the country; others like the city life. The word lifestyle is sometimes used incorrectly to describe a person’s sexual orientation: “She is living a gay lifestyle.” This usage is misleading because gay people live many different lifestyles. Being homosexual or bisexual, in and of itself, does not define the style of one’s life any more than being heterosexual does." (http://www.helpingout.ca/educators/definitions.html#Lifestyleducators/definitions.html#Lifestylegout.ca/educators/definitions.html#Lifestyleducators/definitions.html#Lifestyle)

Now if you want to talk about "gay lifestyle" it may be appropriate to use this term when discussing the Olivia lesbian housing development. Here is a new housing development that is going to be an exclusive lesbian community. Talk about gay lifestyle!

Island Dyke

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