Monday, October 29, 2007

Monthly poll results: Is it nobodies business?

Ok, so the monthly poll tallies are in AND....(drum roll please) results for: Should prominent community figures in Saipan be held accountable to be honest about their sexual orientation?
  • 75% say it's really no ones business
  • 15% say no
  • 10% say not sure

Well, one thing you can be sure of is that over on there is a heated debate as to whether Nahal, a teacher/actor resident here in Saipan, has scruples as she did an acting job for a local political parties television advertisement. Nahal, after being railed, responds that she didn't get paid and that she did it to add credits to her resume which needed some bolstering up for when she sheds this island in search of future employment.

My question is: Would these individuals, who are pointing out and accusing Nahal of having no scruples, continue on if they learned she actually does support that political party? And would these individuals be in agreement with the 75% above saying it really is no ones business when it comes to sharing one's sexuality? Is there a double standard for something's? I feel like I'm starting to sound a little like Harry B. in sharing "some food for thought". (LOL)

Thanks to the writers over at saipanmiddleroad for spotlighting my site this week.

Island Dyke


Pragmatic Plato said...

Boycott Porky's!


Island Dyke said...


I do not agree with boycotting based on a political disagreement, even one of this magnitude that could effect the islands people. And if you have a personal beef with Bruce perhaps talking it out over a beer at Porky's might work (I'm just kidding, sorry for poking the plato ;0) )

My opinion, is that boycotting should be done when there arises the need to take a stance when racism is being practiced and I'm sure there are a few other instances.

I do not agree with the casino for many reasons, however, I would not consider boycotting someone's establishment just because they do support the casino.

If you are interested I found an interesting web-site on indian casino's in the mainland. It lists pro's and con's.

saipanmiddleroad said...

ur welcome!!!!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I haven't been over here in a while, Sorry I mised seeing your posts.

The plato whacko spamed everyone with that message. I smell self interest all over the guy. I think he owns a competing business and hides behindf the alias to hide his affiliations.

It's Pretty good free publicity so I'm not complaining. Hope to see you over at Porky's again soon.

To comment specifically on your topic: Yes, of course there is a double standard in operation here and in many other places as well. Those predjudices ground into the young will pop out as adults and will do so even more often if that line is reinforced via church doctrine or via peer group pressures.

Education and 'tolerance training' is the key.

Keep pluggin'.


Island Dyke said...

Hey Bruce,

Thanks for the comments.

We are all trying out for our second round of pink eye...LOL gotta laugh, it's the toddler years!

I like your nose, I sensed a similar condition. He who rants the loudest has things to hide. (I just made that up, kinda corny but frequently true)

Island Dyke

bigsoxfan said...

As one who commented poorly on the Nahal post, I should fess up. Politicians are for the most part hacks and scum. Actors, playing a part, are working in their avocation. They are knowinglying (sp) acting. It doesn't matter what they are pushing, they are just acting. Politicians; will say whatever. Tina S. is one out of how many? Ten thousand in my book. As for the rest, ...

On the other side. Back in my college days, I had a lot of contact with gays and lesbians. In the middle years, not so much. Now that I'm a little older, I find sexual orientation not so much of an issue. I suppose I laugh too much at times, but in the end, professionals will be just that. If I should find out my son's middle school teacher is of a different orientation than the missus or myself, I'll accept that and rely on the standards which brought them to that point.

Thanks for the education, in your blog, I tend to ignore these issues and/or laugh too much.

Island Dyke said...

Hey Big S,
Thanks for the comments....hmmmmmm, lots of contact? care to share ;0)

How I see sexual orientation not such an issue is that GLBT individuals, in our society and others, do not have to fear so much that they will be beaten up or killed for being themselves.

Sexual orientation is a big deal in other countries, such as China or middle eastern countries, remember they don't have any homosexuals....Ok

Sexual orientation is a big deal for our society in that we do not have equal rights! I can't legally marry my wife. Marriage gives many benefits to straight couples that are not afforded to all who wish to form relationships.

Thanks for reading,sharing, and mostly just should be ok to talk about these GLBT issues.

Island Dyke