Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Medical Evidence: Circumcised men at less risk for HIV infection

According to Szabo & Short (2000) over 40 studies have shown that the circumcised male has less risk of HIV infection. The epidemiological evidence is conclusive and the answer lies in the foreskin. On the inner surface of the foreskin are Langerhans' cells that have HIV receptors which are the primary point where the virus enters into the penis of uncircumcised men. Additionally, research of HIV receptor blockers is being studied to develop some type of application that could be applied before sex.

The BBC News reports that HIV infection can be reduced by 50% in circumcised heterosexual men according to study trials done in Africa. The World Health Organization fears circumcisions may increase risky behaviors and recommends the continued use of other preventions, especially the correct usage of condoms.

Thanks to 'The Reveler' on http://www.saipanmiddleroad.blogspot.com/ for the blog titled "Study: Good to be cut". It was because of one of the comments made that I decided this to be important information to share with the GLBT community and friends.

Island Dyke


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